Five Way, Way Too, Very, Early Opening Match Predictions!

 Five Way, Way Too, Very, Early Opening Match Predictions!

Hello and welcome to the Arden Archer’s Way, Way Too, Very Early Opening Match Predictions. Edging towards the season, there are moments when you feel an element of momentum, and that’s why I’m here writing tonight about a game that is more than a month away. There've been a number of arrivals and departures since last season ended and in the next few weeks, there are bound to be at least a few more. My next article will be a deep dive into the 2019 roster, but for now, here are my five predictions for 2019’s opening night at Papa Murphy’s Park.



Villyan Bijev Will drive down the flank, he will step over the ball at least three times, stunning his man-on-defender and entrancing the keeper. He will cross a low ball to a darting Cameron Iwasa and Cam will back heel the ball across the goal line for the slowest goal that has ever been recorded at Papa Murphy’s Park. 

- One of my favorite players that I got to know after a long campaign last season was Villyan Bijev. The Bulgarian born footballer plays with the flash and flare of a Brazilian. Last year, he was such an excitable figure driving the ball at defenders on the flank. He’s one of these players that will take the ball to you! And he passes defenders by making them stab at the ball as he pokes it away and drives by them. Just really beautiful footwork that is pleasing to the eye. The slow back heel by Cam would be a finishing touch, a cherry on top.



A Real Monarchs player will be on a run goalward and unsuspectingly run smack, dab into our new six foot four, hulking center back Charalampos “Hars” Chantzopoulos. Hars won’t be fazed but the Real Monarchs Player will be knocked to the ground, no less than four feet away from where Hars is standing.

 - Welcome to the squad Hars!  You are our new hulking figure in the back. A beast that will eat up the ball and keep attackers from having free reign in our six-yard box.

3) We will see a magnificent chase down run from, Shannon Gomez, that ends in an absolutely crazy tackle that unbelievably won’t get called as a foul.


 - Last season, when Seattle Sounders 2 came to town, we saw a play similar to this in the waning moments of a one-nil game. Shannon got caught up field and we lost the ball so he had to track back. S2 broke and Nick Hinds got the ball where Shannon had vacated and was tearing down field a good ten yards ahead of Shannon. Shannon closed the gap and made a game saving tackle in front of the battalion.

4) Josh Cohen will not lead the game in saves but will keep his first clean sheet of the year as the Republic win two-zero.

-Building  upon last season, when Josh registered thirteen clean sheets through the campaign, there’s going to be more because of the solid job they did bringing in a new backfield of solid veterans and a six who is captained a USL side last year.  We have a stout veteran defense and I believe that game one we will hold the Real Monarchs scoreless in our first game.

5) Lineup Prediction: 


Gomez      Keinan         Taintor      Hord                                   


   Aléman         Partain.            Villarreal    


Bonomo                Iwasa              Bijev

Gabriel Corrie