Boujee Taco’s @ Mas Taco Bar and Beethoven

 Boujee Taco’s @ Mas Taco Bar and Beethoven

Saturday was a pretty crazy night. My Arden Archer cousin Jocelyn and I got it crackin’ by goin out for boujee tacos at Mas Taco Bar, in Carmichael, and then we headed downtown for the Sacramento Philharmonic’s performance of a Beethoven Symphony. It was a wild night and  I wanted to do a quick recap of it because there won’t be any Republic material coming out this week and I need to continue to work on my writing skills before the season begins and I also thought it would be good to talk about my 2019’s Five 5’s. So here we go. 

It was my first time at Mas Taco Bar in Carmichael. I’ve been to the Mas Taco Bar downtown and this one is a little different.  I don’t remember as many murals on the wall at the establishment downtown nor do I remember there being as many flamboyant lamp shades. Nonetheless, it was pretty packed and we waited twenty minutes for a table. 

Lets take a second to talk about the taco. Maize was born nine thousand years ago. Seven thousand years ago, Mexicans discovered that if you cook it in alkaline you can make tortillas. For centuries, Mexicans have been cooking tortillas and making tacos. Since the days of the Aztecs.

In modern day, tacos have become this great vehicle for serving delicious cooking. Taco’s don’t necessarily have to just be carne asada or al pastor, many chefs are now serving regional dishes on top of tacos and the dishes are coming out absolutely fantastic.

So we were in a bit of a hurry that night and we just had two tacos a piece. I had the Butternut Squash Taco and January’s Secret Taco. Delish! Both!

The Butternut Squash Taco had seasoned butternut squash and on top it laid braised Swiss chard, with a pepito salsa verde layered on top of it. I remember telling Jocelyn that the first bite brought me back to my grandfathers espresso colored kitchen table because these are the same spices that my grandmother cooked with daily. I remember immediately telling her that she had to try it because it was so delicious. It’s amazing how the past can sneak up on you with butternut squash seasoned in chili powder and cumin.   

My second taco was January’s Secret Taco. This month’s taco was topped with Hawaiian barbecued shrimp ,with grilled pineapple, cabbage, scallions, and slight drizzling of spicy siracha sauce. It was wonderful. One of the best bites that I’ve had early on this year. Just really refreshing to have that bbq sauce on the shrimp and then get that punch from the siracha sauce. It went great with my Corona.

Jocelyn had the Roasted Cauliflower Taco and the pork al pastor taco.


It’s great to see how taco’s have developed over time. They’ve become a culture, a vehicle for a regions great food. Taco’s are tradition. Taco’s are migration. Taco’s transcend borders. Taco’s are a window into this confluence of love, tradition, and delicious ingredients. 

My friend Jocelyn wanted to give her review of her order, so here she wrote: 

House Marg

-Not like your usual house marg…you know the ones… with the tequila, triple sec and sour mix that makes your throat tickle like those popsicles you would eat growing up.  I hope you know the ones.. They made your tongue feel coated with a sugary grime feel?  This was a perfect sour-sweet- tequila ratio.  Would highly recommend.

The Roasted Cauliflower Taco

-This taco had cilantro, romesco sauce, onion and roasted cauliflower.  Sometimes when I order veggie dishes, I worry they will be overly cooked and soft and like a mushy meld of semi-flavors.  This taco was actually surprisingly amazing.  I wanted to try something new and this was a perfect try.  The cauli was firm, the romesco was rich and the cilantro is a favorite of mine so it was a perfect combo.

Pork Al Pastor Tacos

- Al Pastor is one of my go-tos ALWAYS.  I order it every time I get street tacos NO MATTER WHAT.  I wasn’t disappointed, but also was not highly impressed.  I like a lot more spice and pineapple flavor.  The meat was tender but slightly chewier than I like… But im also really sensitive to texture.  I would try them again but would recommend trying something else on the taco menu.

Taco’s are cheap and for one of the best bites I had this year, I only spent fourteen dollars on four taco’s...  They’re great food you can eat quickly and with that said, we were off to see a Beethoven symphony.

Gabriel Corrie