Gabe’s 2018 Five 5’s

Gabe’s Five 5’s

Hey everybody, Wild Card Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. It’s the first weekend of the new year, there are four competitive games of NFL playoff football that everyone is gearing up for, the NBA is wild with fan voting for the all star game coming out and there’s a huge Saturday night slate with good matchups, the NCAA championship is just on Monday -so it’s curtailing the weekend- and it’s the absolute perfect time to put out my 2018 Five 5’s. My Five 5’s is a ranking of five categories that I chose to judge this year. This year the five categories that I chose to delve into were:

1) Movie Experiences:

2) Soup Dumplings:

3) Podcasts: 

  4) Christmas Lights: 

5) Sporting Events


Gabriel Corrie