Preview of 2019: Gabe’s Predictions and etc.

Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy New Years... more than a week late. Yeah! Happy New Year! Now it’s official, 2019 is here and everybody that’s reading this should be on the look out for Thanos.


No, but seriously there’s a lot to be excited about for in the next twelve months. This post will be a brief movie preview of 2019, five predictions for the year, and then I’ll end it  by announcing Gabe’s Five 5’s of 2019. Leeeeeeessgo! 

Movie Preview 2019:

Avengers: End Game- 4/26/19- Hitting rock bottom at the end of Infinity War was one of the lowlights of the year for me because it’s always sad when you see the bad guy winning everything.

We’ve seen these characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, seen them in one to two movies a year, and there’s this tangible, sentimental relationship that’s built up between us and it was a melancholy couple of days after I walked away from that movie. End Game will bring a finality to this battle and we’re going to see great battles, incredible teamwork, and we could see hero’s die in this battle against Thanos. Theres a lot at stake here, I’m definitely sad but hopeful to see this ending.

Star Wars: Episode IX -12/20/19- All are excited for this final episode in the third trilogy of the Star Wars Franchise to rule our holiday season again. How will the Rey-Kylo, light vs dark, battle forge on? How can the resistance which was down to 20 people at the end of Last Jedi wage a war against an empire? Fans have a lot of questions and hopefully they will be answered this year by Kathleen Kennedy and director J.J. Abrams.

Under the Silver Lake -4/19/19- The movie I’m looking forward most coming out this year is Under the Silver Lake, written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. This is a movie about a young man trying to decipher the symbols in the world so the world makes sense to him after his girlfriend left him without a trace. It reminds me of a book I read, and loved, Atmospheric Disturbances.It also stars Andrew Garfield, who is a fairly good actor- so it’s going to be a small movie but very intriguing and I’m amped to see this because its a philosophical movie that posses questions about consciousness and the nature of being. It looks sophisticated and like any protagonist that sees the world or his or her circumstance in a subjective way and not an obejectibe way, like the Big Lebowski, that’s territory for great movies. 

 Gabe’s 2019 predictions:

1) If you know me on Twitter, then you know I’m a huge Luka Doncic fan. Before the draft, I was screaming on Twitter for the Kings to take him but they didn’t. So here we are and I’m still a fan of Luka and the Kings and my first prediction this year will be Luka based. I’m predicting that Luka Doncic will make the 2018-2019 Western Conference All-Star Team.

2) The 49es had an abysmal season. They won 4 games after losing their top running back Jerrick McKinnkon in the preseason and then their starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the third game of the season. My prediction will be that Jimmy G will lead the team to six more wins a year after his injury and the team will go 10-6 and sneak into the 6th seed of the NFL playoffs.

3) Lead by De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield, the Sacramento Kings will make the playoffs and be a scrappy 8th seed and push the playoff series to 6 games.

4) The Kings will sign Kevin Durant in the off-season. With tons of cap space, it’s a definite possibility. But, there’s a lot more to hash out. Let’s start with the on-court beef that we saw between Kevin and Draymond this season. There’s a definite rift there and while KD is still the best player on the team, I don’t think he thinks the team is his team and it may be in his wants to have his own team. If you look at the Kings, with their current roster, they could slide Kevin in and be a +55 win team. It would be fun to see KD on the Kings and this will never happen, but it could. 

5) US Soccer will win the Gold Cup. It’s been over year since the US has played a competitive match and I’m itching for some competitive action. I can’t wait to see these young Yanks find themselves and unite as a team at a tournament in which they historically have rich success.

Gabe’s Five 5’s for 2019?

1) Events Category: Sporting Events is what I’ll focus on in 2019! It will be a full slate this year with the Kings being good again. Hopefully, I’ll get to write about a playoff game but as of now, the sporting event that I’m most excited to cover is the hydroplane races at the Seafair in Seattle.

2) Dining Experience Category: 2019 is the year of the taco! If it’s a Tuesday- you can be sure to find me hunting down taco at tacqueria or a taco stand. I’ll check in monthly and drop some updates on the hunt. Be sure to send suggestions.

3) Collectibles Category- I’ve always been fascinated by movies about chasing reality and it’s been nine years since Inception came out. So, I’ll be hunting down totems. You know, “something you can have on you all the time that no one else knows.” This year, I’d like to build a decent looking totem shelf with gnarly totems that I’ve collected.

4) Personal Improvement Category: New Some of my favorite fictional stories have come straight out of the New Yorker. Tobias Wolffs’ Bullet in the Brain and where were you when you read “shorts the best position they is”? Where were you when you got spooked by Rivka Galchen’s Region of Unlikeness? Authors I hope to read this year: Rivka, of course, Joshua Ferris, Karen Russell, Tiger’s Wife author Téa Obreht, George Saunders, and could you imagine if they unearthed another Roberto Bolaño story? The possibilities are endless.

5) Places Category: This was a little difficult to choose this year. I thought about doing west coast zoo’s but that would have been a bit too much, maybe next year. I considered breweries and also NorCal lighthouses. I finally settled on Sacramento Museums. After a quick search on google, I found ten of them and I should have enough to write about.

Gabriel Corrie