Avengers Republic FC Starting XI

 Avengers Republic FC Starting XI

February 21 — Gabriel Corrie


Hello and welcome to my 2019 Avengers Republic Starting XI.  Starting out with a bit of fan fiction. I had a bit of fun and boiled down some of the characteristics of Marvel Super Heroes and I matched them, as best I could, with qualities of Sac Republic players to form a starting eleven.

It was a lot of fun to write this piece and I hope your enjoy reading it and agree with the similarities. Feel free to comment or @ me on Twitter


Keeper: Josh Cohen is The Black Panther


Wakanda Forever salute to Josh Cohen. Our goal keeper dons this (occasionally black) Vibranium suit that is incredibly light weight and with each shot he stops the suit collects energy and helps him grow stronger. As a goalie every inch counts and he has built in retractable claws in his gloves that add to his reach and allow him get to balls normally he couldn’t. In the movie, Black Panther, T’Challa leaves Wakanda to hunt down Ulysses (Klaw) Klaue. He finds himself in Seoul, South Korea. We’ve seen this with Cohen, too. A couple times in 2018, he came out of his box to stop plays. One time, so much, that Nico Lodeiro tried to shoot at him from distance. Another was in the Las Vegas match when he made a great play on the ball and stopped a break out of the box.

Right Back: Shannon Gomez is Spider-Man


At the right back position, I want a player that’s going to lay a line down with his spinaret and use that path to quickly get up and down the field. Gomez possesses this lightning quick speed quite similarly to Spider-Man. One of Spider-Man’s strengths is that he’s a quick healer and in last year’s Rio Grande Valley game he got injured pretty badly on a tackle and was able to shake it off and come back and finish out the game strongly.

Center Back:  Haris Chantzopoulos is The Incredible Hulk.


Standing six foot four, Haris is one of our physically imposing center back this season. Haris, quite likely, will have a few shoulder to shoulder battles for the ball and I’ll even predict he will knock an attacker down during one of these brush ups for a ball. Something just tells me, much like the Hulk, that Haris just doesn’t know how truly strong he really is. Being so strong I’m expecting that he’s going to win a lot of balls for my team and so that’s a good thing, too.

Center Back: Mitchel Taintor is Drax the Destroyer



Drax has this non-stop competitive spirit about him. When he sees Ronan in Guardian of the Galaxy, he immediately charges at him to begin battle. Similarly, Mitch is a guy that sees plays happen and without hesitation charge a ball to shut it down. Drax has  tackled dozen of Ronan’s minions, and like wise Taintor has this kind of experience going for him. Drax is a great team player. When Star-Lord/Peter Quill, Gamora, and Groot are in a space ship battle, it’s Drax that is sitting in the back seat of the space ship with this uncontrollable laughter. Keeping everybody in good spirits is something that we see Taintor doing on the teams twitter page. It’s what good teammates do.

Left Back: Elliot Hord is Thor


Thor is this tremendously strong all around player that every team needs. He can get forward and take on the best defender of the team one week and then if he’s needed to switch positions and play the back line for matchup purposes, he’s versatile enough to be able to switch it up and play all over the field. At left back, I want him to get up field and hammer crosses into the box. He has lightning quick instincts in which he’ll see plays develop and he’ll use his quick reflexes to jump into passing lanes.

CDM: Ray Saari is Captain America


Guys, ok, you know how I know Ray Saari is our 2019 version of Captain America? It’s because at the end of Civil War, when Cap tells Tony, “I know you’re doing what you believe in, and that’s all any of us can do. That’s all any of us should do. I promise you, if you need us- if you need me- I’ll be there.” We need him right? We lost out captain, Jeremy Hall, player that was great in the trenches last season. In comes Ray, a battler, skilled close combat situations where he’ll be able to take the ball off players. He’ll be able to protect our back line and at times he’ll break from protocol by getting forward when he’s needed to join the attack.

Right Mid: Hayden Partain is Dr. Strange


The Cloak of Levitation chooses Hayden Partain. Here are a few reasons why. He’s a master of the sling ring, which  he uses to teleport into defensive positions to steal balls from attackers. He has a frenetic motor and he fights “like his life depends upon it.” He’s well versed in judo and you hardly ever see him being taken down in a tackle. And most of all, when Ancient One looks into his future, she tells him that she, “only sees possibilities of goodness because of his fear of failure.” Boom, 2019 is going to be a good year for the Republic, it’s in the tea leaves.

Left Mid: Keven Alemán is War Machine


In midfield we need someone that’s going to be take charge and bring order, like in Civil War when War Machine comes into the end of the battle between Bucky, Black Panther, Falcon, and Captain America to keep the peace. War Machine has a similar suit to iron man but he’s much more of a defender but at times he can attack. He’s fast and can fly and fill the channels.

Right Wing: Stefano Bonomo is Hawk Eye


At right wing, I want someone with a good eye and someone that knows how to stay undetected and at the right moment charge in and make a play by getting open for a pass or hitting an accurate ball on the a rebound. Bonomo’s ultra quick reflexes also remind me a lot of Hawk Eye.

Left Wing: Villyan Bijev is Falcon


Falcon was probably the most difficult super hero for me to pair with a soccer player but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense that Villyen Bijev shared many of the same characteristics with Captain America’s most trusted side kick.

Notably as a forward, you’re looking for someone who can get forward and fly up the pitch. Bijev and Falcon both can do that!

The next similarity is a bit of a stretch but follow along if you’d like, Falcon has a recognizable flying tool, Red Wing. It’s said that Red Wing and Falcon have a telepathic connection. It’s not a stretch of an assertion that Villyan, who likes to flick the ball past defenders during an attack can use red wing as a passer backer of sorts so that he always flicks it past the defender and Red Wing passes it back to him so he can either assist a goal or bang one into the back of the net.


Falcon is skilled in Judo and Karate, so he knows how to position himself and kick.

Last one, Falcon has a jamming device to prevent satellite tracking which is why he excels at getting open.


 Center Forward: Cam Iwasa as Iron Man


The firebrand himself, right? He deserves this honor. For decades he’s honed his craft in this great city and now he’s the goal grabber and the focal point of the growing spirit behind the team. It’s something that you can see comes from his heart. Iron man’s suit is unique in design and made of incredibly-strong, fictional material. As a central forward, this is important, because he can use his armor to hold up a ball with a man on his back while other players run into channels and he can turn and feed them the ball.

Iwasa like Iron Man is a genius in mathematics and physics. Example, the game against Orange County last year when he shook Alex Crognale off the dribble hit a one in a million seismic blast into the goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, it was great fun to write.

Questions, comments, concerns can be channeled to @GabeCorrie  

Gabriel Corrie